Once the Greeks and Turks cannot live together in the town where the church bells mingles with the sound of the adhan of the mosque, kucaklasirm. In accordance with the Treaty of Lausanne in 1924, held respectively in mustafapaşa the Orthodox Greeks in Greece, Greece Kastoria jerve the Muslim Turks in the region who lives in the village Sinasos / mustafapaşa was placed.

The original culture of the settlement of the refugees incoming to mustafapasa and local language continued until the present day in a very protected form. Today, Macedonian is still spoken of Mustafapasa, the Turkish side; different traditions, food, songs, and games that are alive with the place where.

The majority of the population living in a present as a grandson of the anchors jerve about Mustafapasa, Mustafapaşa and cherish the memories of the refugees from the settlement of outgoing and incoming request with the name of our hotel, our grandparents, they spend half of their lives, and that they didn't put any of the languages I wanted to jerve fairy tale villages. The names of the rooms of our hotel is connected to the village and the surrounding villages they took from jerve kastorya.
A small corner of our hotel we opened our grandfather and our grandmother in the population exchange at the Museum of the paperwork they brought with them clothing and household items are exhibited. Regional cuisine and dishes made in our kitchen about guests who wish to have the opportunity to taste the different flavors.
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